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Why register a domain with ALR Network?

DNS Configuration & Setup

Setting up a new domain and getting it connected with the server isn’t the easiest process, especially if you or your company are new to domains. When you purchase your domain through ALR Network, we will handle the entire setup process, ensuring that your website, e-mail and other services are up and running as soon as possible.

G Suite Integration

If you are an existing customer of Google Apps / G Suite or you are using one of our hosting packages, we will handle the setup and verification of your domain for Google Apps. To learn more about G Suite, click here.

Centralised Billing & Payments

Keep all your payments in one place, view all of your past transactions and never miss a service payment. Having multiple places to pay multiple services can sometimes lead to missed payments which could result in you losing your domain. When your domain is not renewed on time, your website, email and other services will be affected. Keep it simple and keep it all in one place.

Domain Technical Support

Website suddenly not working? Stopped receiving e-mails? No problem, with ALR Network domains, we are always aware if a service stops working and because the domain purchased and handled through us, we’ll ensure that your business stays online.