Here are some of the features of our excellent value hosting.

Easy-to-use Control Panel

Manage your own web hosting, set up e-mail, DNS Records, FTP and SQL accounts all from within your own control panel. The ALR Panel is easy to use, intuitive and designed to take the complexity out of web site hosting

Domain Associated Email

Setup mailboxes to send and receive emails from your domain. Having your own custom e-mail address increases your companies credibility and offers a more professional approach to e-mail communication between you and your clients.

Linux Based Server

Linux is by far the most used operating system for website hosting. Combined with Apache, it offers fast and secure hosting to ensure that your website runs smoothly, quickly and reliably.

Safe and Sound

We know that security and peace of mind is important, which is why all of our WordPress hosted websites receive bi-weekly backups to a remote server, just in case something were to go wrong! Also, we’re always monitoring our services to ensure they stay running.

Our Hosting Packages

ALR Network Hosting - EntryOne

Websites: 1
SQL Databases: 1
FTP Accounts: 1
Monthly Traffic: 15 GB
Storage: 2.5 GB


The best package to give yourself some web presence.


Websites: 2
SQL Databases: 2
FTP Accounts: 1
Monthly Traffic: 25 GB
Storage: 8 GB


Perfect for small businesses who want an online presence.

ALR Network Hosting - Entrepreneur

Websites: 5
SQL Databases: 5
FTP Accounts: 5
Monthly Traffic: Unlimited
Storage: 15 GB


Perfect for those running multiple projects or who need flexibility to expand.

ALR Network Hosting - BusinessPro

Websites: 16
SQL Databases: 16
FTP Accounts: 8
Monthly Traffic: Unlimited
Storage: 25 GB


For established companies or those who need multiple sites and hosted services.

All of our hosting packages come with tailored support and server maintenance, so we can take care of the technical stuff, and you can focus on what matters!

SSL Logo

SSL Certificates

If you’re planning to perform sales or handle transactions through your website, you will need to add an extra layer of security to your website by adding an SSL certificate.

The good news is, were available to provide you with this service, perform the maintenance and handle the configuration of your SSL certificate, meaning you don’t have to worry about having security errors on your website.

SSL certificates also help to improve your search presence on Google and other search engines.

Service Uptime