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Our Process

This is our basic workflow, which outlines our typical webside design process. We have even added the approximate times, just so that you can get a feel for how long it would take to go from inquiry to delivery.

Approx 24 Hours

Your Inquiry

We receive your inquiry and contact you at the earliest possible time to discuss your requirements.
Approx 24 Hours

Approx 24 - 48 Hours


We’ll have a number of discussions throughout the construction period with regards to the exact design you are looking for and what your requirements are.

Approx 24 - 48 Hours

Approx 48 Hours


We’ll get to work designing the visual elements of the website and provide you with updates throughout the entire process.

Approx 48 Hours

Approx 3 Hours


We’ll present the design, and if you’re happy, we’ll move on to building the site with your content.

Approx 3 Hours

Approx 72 Hours

Content Supply

We will need you to supply the required content for the website, anything you want on the site, whether it be images or text.

Approx 72 Hours

Approx 48 Hours


We’ll start setting up and testing your Search Engine Optimisation, to ensure you have the best chances of getting to the top of search results.

Approx 48 Hours

Approx 48 Hours


We’ll start optimising your site to ensure that it loads fast and displays great on all devices.

Approx 48 Hours

Approx 2 Hours


We’ll deliver your website, complete and ready to go!

Approx 2 Hours

Design and Functionality, Together

All too often, you’ll find websites that have beautiful style, however, they seem to lack some functionality that most users, both experienced and less experienced, would benefit from.

This is why we always build our websites, with these 3, core design pillars, in mind.

Cross-Device Design

We make sure that your website will work great on any device, mobile or desktop.


Your needs will change, and your website is designed to grow with you.


We’ll try to get your pages loading in under 5 seconds, every time!

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What kind of website do you need?

Take a moment to think about what your website will be used for.

A Blog

A place to post your thoughts, share advice or share experiences.

An eCommerce Site

If you’re looking to start selling products online, this is the one for you.

Charity Website

A website aimed at providing information and services for charities and causes.

Small Business Website

If you have a small business which deserves an online prescence, this is the best option.

A Corporate Website

If your coorporation requires a new online look, then this is the best option for you.

An Online Agency

Looking to use a website to connect with people needing your services? Select this option.

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Do you need a place to host your website?


Best for Individuals
Websites: 1
SQL Databases: 1
FTP Accounts: 1
Storage: 5 GB
Mailboxes: 1
Bandwidth: Unlimited

€3.00 / Month


For Small Businesses
Websites: 2
SQL Databases: 2
FTP Accounts: 1
Storage: 15 GB
Mailboxes: 2
Bandwidth: Unlimited

€6.00 / Month


Most Flexible
Websites: 5
SQL Databases: 5
FTP Accounts: 3
Storage: 20 GB
Mailboxes: 5
Bandwidth: Unlimited

€10.00 / Month


Most Comprehensive
Websites: 20
SQL Databases: 30
FTP Accounts: ∞
Storage: 50 GB
Mailboxes: 15
Bandwidth: Unlimited

€15.00 / Month

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What kind of pages will your site need?

Please make a selection from the various different pages below. This helps to assess the size of the website build.

This is the page your visitors land on when they will visit your site.

A place to summarise your background and goals for the website.

If you are selling products or services, how many pages do you think you’ll need?

How many Products and Services will you require pages for?

Estimate the amount of products that will be for sell on your site.

A page which displays your contact information, and a form for people to complete.

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How will your website collect payments?

Please choose one or more of the following payment methods.

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Do you need help designing a logo?

If you haven’t already designed a logo yet, we might be able to help you with this.

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Do you wish to send email newsletters?

Are you planning to keep your clients and visitors updated with email campaigns?

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How do you plan to deliver your email campaigns?

Please indicate which service you plan to use to create and maintain your delivery list.


Mailchimp offers both a free and paid plans. Learn More

On My Website (Self-Hosted)

Self-hosting the newsletter system, will allow for maximum customisation and no monthly fees.

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Do you plan to integrate your with Social Media?

We can assist with integrating your website into Facebook and other social media.

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Do you already have a Social Media presence?

If you already have social media profiles, we can work with those. If not we can help you set up accounts and integrate directly into your site.

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Which platforms do you need?

Please select the Social Media accounts you require.

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Final cost

The final estimated price is :

Feel free to leave a personal message, and we’ll take this into consideration.

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Description Information Quantity Price
Discount :
Total :

By submitting this form, you acknwoledge that this quote does not represent the final price for the website build.

This estimation tool is soley for the purpose of providing a basic estimation for the construction of a website, which due to the nature of development, is subject to change.

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